De Desmoblog verjaart

It was born on march 10th at 3.09 pm and here are my feelings with a poem:

Trasparency and quality are the Ducati mission
as production is not only brand and competition
the mystic atmosphere of a pagan temple
a far-reaching roar is our tempo. A no-walls factory, in full-time session
propelled by everybody’s passion
like in a lab where the work’s alchemistic
we spread in the world the virus of Ducatisti.
External Corporate blogging
if well done, is healthier than jogging
and for a dialog with our Community
Internet is a must, it’s a big opportunity
so Federico Minoli, first biker-Ceo-blogger
is the Shaman who makes the Tribe stronger.
Our bikes have a soul and were made to win
a red t-shirt is our second skin
red is our cover
we are Ducati lovers
all the best to all of you

see you later, at WDW!

Silvano Fini

T gaat hier wel over nen anderen Desmo zenne 🙂 ofte