6 Replies to “Eat this Dark Knight!!”

  1. Emoboy? What the fuck does THAT even refer to you, you stupid bastard? The 1920s are suddenly emo? Conrad Veidt is emo? Werner Krauss?

    You’d think you’d know your own culture.

    Ich liebe dieses video!

  2. Hihi, diene hierboven heeft ni door dat ik reageerde op Cushke zijn “idioot”. Ik noemde hem dus een emoboy.

    Dear Sterotypo, as said here above, I called Cush an “emoboy” because he is. He called me an idiot because i like the 1920s movie. Sooo, that should settle it.
    BTW, i don’t like anonymous comments. Nothanks@ok.com seems rather strange as emailaddy 🙂

  3. Err? Ok?

    I called you an idiot because Heath Ledger is actually brilliant as the 20’s Joker. Ledger IS the 20’s Joker.

    Stereotypo sounds like an ass though.

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